Wolves fall in Rival Game to NC Cardinals 12 - 9

Flora - The Flora Wolves suffered a defeat on Wednesday, May 7th to the North Clay Cardinals of Louisville.

With two school being approximately 10 miles apart, it's been a rivalry between the schools for many years. It's a shame that one team has to be the winner and the other suffers in defeat, both being good teams with good quality players.

The North Clay Cardinals jumped out to an early lead of 4 - 0, when Jordan Byers stepped to the plate with the bases loaded hitting a Grand Slam Home-Run.

Bryce Pearce had a big day for the Wolves, but it was not enough to overcome North Clay. Pearce hit two Home-Runs, in fact, back-to-back Home-Runs, one in the bottom of the first and the other in the bottom of the second inning.

The Wolves scored five runs in the first, then it was just one run at a time with one run in the second, one run in the third, one in the fifth and one in the sixth, totaling 9-runs.

The NC Cardinals scored four runs in the first, then scored two runs in the third, fourth, fifth and seventh innings totaling 12 runs. The Cardinals tied the score at 6 - 6 in the top of the third inning when Collin Warren was hit by a pitch with the bases loaded tying the score.

In the bottom of the third the Wolves took the lead back when right fielder Tristan Litaker hit a solo shot for a Home-Run over the centerfield fence making the score 7 - 6 Wolves.

However, the Cardinals would not go away and scored two runs in the top of the fourth making the score 8 - 7 Cards and would remain in the lead the rest of the game securing a rivalry win.

The Flora Wolves would attempt to decrease the deficit in the bottom of the sixth with the score 10 - 9 North Clay, but in the top of the seventh the Cardinals would score two more runs with Adam Cox crossing the plate on a Jordan Byers double to centerfield and Dylan Bailey scoring off a Dylan Walker SAC to left field. The Wolves had their chance in the bottom of the seventh to tie the score, then go ahead for the win, but it was not meant to be as the Wolves went in a one, two, three order ending the game.

The winning pitcher for the North Clay Cardinals was Adam Cox. Cox threw a complete game with a total of 121 pitches, 79 of those being strikes. Taking the loss for the Wolves was Trey Thompson throwing a total of 100 pitches in four innings, 63 of those being strikes.

Flora Wolves Hitting:
A big day for Bryce Pearce who went 3-for-4, two Home-Runs, two runs scored, three RBIs; Tristan Litaker 2-for-4, Home-Run, run scored, RBI; Jeremiah Allison 2-for-4, double, run scored, RBI; Luke Durre 1-for-3, double, two RBIs; Trey Thompson 1-for-3, run scored, RBI; Blake Fitch 1-for-3, two runs scored; Zach Allison run scored; Rase Collins run scored; Trevor Nicholson RBI.

As a team the Wolves gathered nine runs off 10 hits, five single, two doubles, three Home-Runs, four walks, 10 strikeouts, nine RBIs, in 31 at bats.

North Clay Cardinals Hitting:
Jordan Byers had a big day for the Cards as he went 2-for-5, double, Grand Slam Home-Run, three runs scored, five RBIs; Dylan Walker 2-for-5, two doubles, two RBIs; Collin Warren 2-for-3, double, RBI; Dylan Bailey 2-for-3, two runs scored, two RBIs; Lawson Britton 1-for-3, two runs scored; Hunter Clifton 1-for-4, two runs scored; Adam Cox three runs scored.

As a team the Cardinals scored 12 runs off 10 hits, five singles, four doubles, one Home-Run, seven walks, 10 strikeouts, 11 RBIs, in 34 at bats.