Flora City Council paves the way for a possible medical marijuana cultivation center to locate in Flora.

The Flora City Council passed an ordinance Thursday evening during a special meeting to approve a Real Estate contract with Deerpath Development, LLC. At Monday evening's regular meeting, several concerned citizens voiced their opinions, both pro and con, regarding bringing this type of facility to Flora. Although given a chance to comment at Thursday evening's meeting, there was no public comment regarding this issue.
This is the first step in the process to bring a medical marijuana cultivation facility to Flora.
Passage of this ordinance does not necessarily mean Deerpath Development will actually come to Flora, but now with this step they are free to complete their site specific application with the State of Illinois.
The 120,000 square foot facility will be located in Flora's Industrial Park at Countryview Drive and Commercial Drive on 11.6 acres currently owned by the City of Flora to be purchased by Deerpath Development, LLC. According to the Director of Community Relations with Deerfield Development, they hope to bring 50 jobs to the area and will be a major user of Flora's electric, gas and water services.
The Flora facility will be monitored 24/7 at police headquarters in Effingham, IL and Illinois State Police will be visiting the facility at least weekly. According to Illinois Statute there will be one cultivation facility in each of Illinois State Police Districts. Flora is in District 12 with headquarters in Effingham.
There will be 60 distribution facilities located in the State of Illinois; however, Deerpath Development is not interested at this time in pursuing an application to distribute the drug. As a cultivation facility, Deerpath Development will sell their product to one of the 60 distribution facilities that will be located in the state, and the distribution facility, NOT the cultivation facility, will sell it to patients with an Identification Card issued by the Department of Public Health. Several specific medical conditions will qualify a patient for an Identification Card including HIV/AIDS, cancer, Crohn's Disease, glaucoma, epilepsy and many other debilitating medical conditions.
"We are very pleased and grateful to have this addition to Flora," Flora Mayor Bob Tackitt said following Thursday afternoon's meeting. "It will be very beneficial to the people of Flora."
A more complete story regarding this issue will be in Tuesday's edition of the Clay County Advocate-Press.