Wayne County native, Mark Smith, announces his write-in candidacy for Illinois Governor

"I'm not God, but I believe in Him," Mark Smith, a write-in candidate for Illinois Governor stated.
A Republican voter, he believes the Republican Party should return to their conservative values.
"I feel the party, time and time again, has given us a moderate candidate who won't hold to the conservative values of the Republican Party," he continued. "I feel we just need to change Illinois for the positive and put God back in Springfield."
There are several issues Smith feels quite strongly about. One of those issues is on abortion.
"I'm pro-life," Smith noted. "We need to protect the unborn. I'm the only candidate who is speaking for them."
Another issue he feels strongly about is Obama Care.
"It's a complete disaster for people," he continued.
He indicated he agreed there needed to be some changes to our health care system.
"But we did not need a complete overhall of our system," he added.
He went on to say he has talked to many people in the medical field and noted they feel there is nothing from that arena that is positive. Smith knows Obama Care is a Federal law, but states if elected Illinois' Governor he would fight it's implementation in Illinois.
"Or at least slow it's progress until we get a President who will appeal the law."
The next issue he addressed was taxes.
"We need to lower taxes and cut regulations on businesses. he began. "Businesses are moving out of Illinois."
"Illinois needs to be more 'business friendly'" he continued.
He cited a recent poll that showed half of Illinois citizens would move out of the state if they could and 25 percent of Illinois citizens think Illinois is the worst state to live in.
"In that poll, Illinois was polled as the worst state in all 50 states," he related. "I don't want to be on the bottom. I cringed to hear that our state was rated the worst."
"We can't even get to 49th," he added. "Who wants to be on the bottom. I want to be a state that leads."
The allowing of hydraulic fracking is another issue he feels very strongly about.
"Hydraulic fracking needs to be allowed," he noted. "Illinois has the most stringent laws in the union regarding this."
He went on to say this would create jobs for people and the Governor needs to stop over regulating and stopping growth. Smith also noted he pretty much feels the same way about the coal industry.
As for gun control, he says he believes in the Second Amendment and our right to bear arms.
"Criminals will seek whatever avenue they can to possess a gun," Smith pointed out.
He added that law abiding citizens pay the price when gun control laws are put in place.
"Illinois was the last state to release power back to the people," Smith noted.
He also feels strongly that government in this day and age is too big.
"We need to give power back to the people," he stated. "Government needs to work for the people not the people working for the government."
"I hope to be the candidate to change that," he stated.
Immigration is another issue he feels needs some changes.
"I welcome any person to the US and the borders of Illinois if they go through the proper procedures to become legal citizens," Smith noted. "If they do not take the steps to become legal citizens they should be deported."
He feels the current system encourages them to be a burden on society.
Overspending and lack of a balanced budget in Illinois is another issue he feels strongly about.
"We need to balance the budget in Illinois," he stated. "We can't continue to operate outside our means."
The major way he fees this can be accomplished is through drastic cuts in spending. He feels we need to change our perspective and hone in on those things we can change immediately.
An employee of the US Postal Service, he had to quit his job when he began his campaign for Governor.
"We're totally dependent on the farm for our income," he concluded.
He added he and his wife had to drastically cut their spending when this occurred and budgeted accordingly.
"One of the things I bring to the table is life experience," he continued.
And he noted budgeting was one of those life experiences.
"Illinois needs to bring their spending level down," he added.
He also feels that WORK needs to be rewarded.
"I'm working hard to be the next Governor of Illinois," Smith concluded.
Smith attended the Beef Show at the Clay County Fair last week and loved watching the 4-H Club members with their projects.
"They're our future entrepreneurs," he noted. "The projects in 4-H and FFA speak volumes."
Smith grew up on a farm in Mt. Erie and attended school in the Unit #200 School District and is a graduate of Cisne High School. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Leadership from Greenville College. He has been married to his wife, Huleana for five years and they have a daughter, Cailyn, two-and-a-half.