Help Miracles Happen-Buy a Blizzard at the Flora Dairy Queen today, August 14.

Help make miracles happen when you buy a Blizzard Treat at the Flora Dairy Queen on August 14, 2014.
Flora Dairy Queen will donate $1 to Children's Miracle Network. An additional $2* will be donated to help a local child named Jace Eckelberry. *$2 per Small, Medium & Large Blizzard and $1 per Mini Blizzard.

Justin and Chandra Eckelberry have a bright, beautiful daughter named Chayli and a now healthy, happy Miracle Child  named Jace.  Only a few days after Jace was born their world was shaken when they found out he had a tumor on his brain. This is a touching story of great Faith, Hope and Love and Jace's Mother would like to tell you about it from his viewpoint.
My name is Jace Eckelberry.  I was born August 28, 2009 and welcomed into this world by Justin & Chandra Eckelberry and my Big Sis, Chayli!
When I was a week old, my mommy took me to Dr. Klingler,  'cause she was worried about my head feeling funny.  He told her I needed to go to St. Louis Children's hospital.  There, we found out I had a brain tumor.  So, on September 8, 2009, when I was just 11 days old (and also my daddy's birthday) I had my first brain surgery to remove the tumor.
Then, we had to wait on pathology reports to come back to see what kind of tumor I had.  It was very hard on my family.  After what seemed like forever, the results came back that I had stage 4 cancer, and the name of the tumor was a Glioblastoma, which is rarely found in kids.  My neurosurgeon, Dr. Leonard, told Mommy it was gonna be very hard on me, even with treatment.  Mommy and Daddy had to make a HUGE decision!
My Mommy, Daddy,  Sissy and all our family and friends and church family at Cavalry Apostolic Tabernacle in Iola, prayed non-stop.  We knew we served a Healing God!  While in the hospital, Mommy felt like God told her I was gonna be healed!
We had to have a care conference with all the doctors.  It was a very scary time for my family.  The Doctor told my parents I had terminal stage 4 cancer and that I would live 2 years without treatment and 5 plus years if they chose to give me chemo.  Mommy told them, "I believe Jesus told me He is gonna heal my son!"  So they took me home and trusted in what God told them.
When I was about 6 months old, I had to go back for another MRI scan of my brain.  That was a scary day, too, but we believed we were gonna get a good report.  The Doctor came into the room and took Mommy and Daddy to see the scan.  Previously, the picture of my brain right after surgery still showed several "abnormal" waves.  This picture from my 6 month scan, showed NO CANCER, NOTHING, just a PERFECT BRAIN!  Mommy started crying and thanking God.  He did heal me!  I have not had to have one chemo treatment and I will be 5 on August 28th.  We give God all the glory!
Since the tumor removal, I have had some delays, but that is OK.  I've had 3 eye surgeries (low vision), a cyst drained and a shunt put in but I am CANCER FREE and that is all that matters to me & my family.  I receive Physical and Occupational Therapy at Olney twice a week.  The tumor affected the left side of my body, so I am weaker on that side.  I am trying to learn how to walk (Mommy says I have to 'cause I am getting too big for her to carry.)  I just started taking music therapy and horse therapy, too.  I LOVE music!  I go back to St. Louis Children's hospital annually for scans and eye appointments, ect.
I am very thankful and honored my community picked me as the Miracle Treat kid this year!  All the donation money I receive will go to meet  my family is awesome.  They love me and take care of me to the best of their ability, always making sure I am treated as any other kid.  My Sissy is very protective of me.  She teaches me how to talk.  I learn a lot from her.
Keep me in your prayers as I continue to try my best to accomplish all the goals set before me.
Jace & Family