A Forever Home Finally…for Fur a Good Paws.

With wagging tails and happy purrs, Fur a Good Paws is pleased to announce it finally has its own forever home.
Thanks to a kind donor who wishes to stay anonymous, the local nonprofit and animal rescue organization was able to purchase the building at 104 North Stanford Road in Flora, IL.
The facility will be called the Fur a Good Paws Rescue & Adoption Center, and will serve as the headquarters for the all-volunteer organization. Built in the late 1930s, the brick building has been a skating rink, an insurance business, a gun shop, and a craft store at various points in time.
Volunteers are excited about the plans for their center. In the months to come, the building will be brought up to code to house rescued dogs and cats, so that they will have a clean, comfortable space till they get adopted. Plans include constructing kennel runs for dogs, an open living space for cats, isolation rooms for sick/recovering pets, and an adoption room. The center will also serve as a hub for Fur a Good Paws office operations, volunteer meetings, fundraisers, and pet-related educational events for the community.
Founded in March 2003, Fur a Good Paws has been at the forefront of educating the community about responsible pet ownership and providing financial assistance for pet spay-neuter, to reduce the number of homeless litters in Clay County. It also provides funds for emergency vet treatment. Last year in July, it became a no-kill rescue licensed by the State of Illinois, operating out of foster homes. To date, 102 rescue pets have been cared for and adopted within a 13-month span.
Fur a Good Paws does not handle animal control for Clay County. Nor does it receive any tax dollars or funds from the county. Rather, it is a distinct and independent no-kill rescue for surrendered pets and homeless pets in need. It relies solely on the goodwill and helping hands of its donors, supporters and volunteers.
The volunteer team at Fur a Good Paws states: “We are very grateful to the benefactor and to the community for believing in our cause and supporting our efforts through the years. In the coming months, we will be sharing updates about the center and ways in which folks in the community can help. We can’t do it alone. So if you have a heart for pets in need, we’d love for you to be a part of our new Rescue & Adoption Center.”

To see how you can make a difference for homeless pets in our community, “Like” the Fur a Good Paws Facebook page or visit its website www.furagoodpaws.org. You can also speak to a volunteer at 618-599-7830 or 217-218-5563.