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  • Video of the Day: A hail of a time at the beach

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    This is not what these Siberian beachgoers had in mind. Instead of sun and gentle waves, giant hail pelted the shore as the freak storm swept quickly through, forcing them to take shelter wherever they could find.

    Screen Time
    Major League Baseball All-Star Game (7:30 p.m. EDT, Fox) - If you stopped watching the mid-summer All-Star game after that travesty of a tie game back in 2002, it’s time to give it another chance. Most recent games have been closely contested and featured some solid quality of play. Plus you can play a drinking game involving taking a slug whenever Derek Jeter is mentioned. (OBLIGATORY SAFETY NOTE: Derek Jeter drinking game not actually advised, as entire audience would likely be passed out by third inning.)
    Worst of the Day
    A union has filed a complaint against Chicago company WaterSaver claiming the company unfairly disciplined some employees for “excessive use” of the bathrooms at work. And by “excessive” it means “about 6 minutes per day.” 
    But, hey, fair’s fair, they’ll also give employees a gift card if they don’t use the bathroom at all during a shift.
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