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  • The Talker: ‘Weird Al’ is still doing his thing

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    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, called “The ‘80s,” a guy named Yankovic who called himself “Weird Al” had all the best novelty songs on the radio. “Like a Surgeon,” “Yoda,” “Fat” … he ruled the nerd-music roost. And he’s still around, dropping his latest, “Mandatory Fun,” today. Guess what? He’s still pretty darned sharp and still skewers the pop charts in a way that is simultaneously cynical and loving … and polka flavored. Get your download on, geek-rockers.
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    “Weird Al” Yankovic is back, with his latest album “Mandatory Fun” released today and Twitter is happy. Not only with the actual cuts on the album, but also with the hashtag #RejectedWeirdAlSongs.
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