During Monday’s meeting of the Flora City Council, the council briefly discussed the possibility of Utility Terrain Vehicles being used on city streets.

Mayor Bob Tackitt informed the council that he had asked Police Chief John Nicholson to review ordinances in communities that allow the use of UTV.

Nicholson said that if the vehicles are allowed to be operated on city streets, the vehicles would have to undergo annual inspections, a city license would be issued and the vehicles would be allowed to be operated only in a specified area set forth by the council.  The UTV users would also be regulated to follow traffic safety laws the same and users of standard vehicles are.

Commission Ed McCormick suggested that the designated area be set at Stanford Road on the east edge of town and the West Y on the west edge with no crossing of Route 50 being allowed.

Mayor Bob Tackitt states that golf carts and four wheelers would not be included in this usage.

The council will continue to discuss this matter and will be seeking input from the community.

Mayor Tackitt received approval from the council to reappoint Bill Kitley and Larry Rinehart to the Flora Zoning Board for a five-year term that will expire in November 2021.

Possible changes to the new fire station were brought to the council.  Commissioner Norman Henderson informed the council that with the delay in the construction of the station due to the budget impasse in Springfield, there could possibly be an increase of $37,306 for labor and materials.

Henderson also stated that in a passed meeting it was questioned by the mayor if there could be some changes that could be made that would help save money.  Henderson said that one of the changes that could be made was the elimination of cabinets in the station that would save $8,860.

Commissioner McCormick made a motion to remove the cabinets from the station.  Mayor Tackitt called for a second to the motion three times without receiving one and the motion failed.

City Administrator Randy Bukas filled an opening at the Wastewater Treatment Plant by hiring Dakota Woods at a rate of $24.61 per the IBEW contract. Woods will start on Nov. 9 and work Wednesday through Sunday from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The council approved a special use permit.  The first one was to Kenrob, Inc. as owner and Cathrine Osterholtz as lessee to operate a video store and tanning booth at 201 S. Main St., the former Church of the Nazarene building.  A second special use permit was granted to Zachariah and Lauren Buchanan to operate a gunsmith shop out of their home.

Megan Woomer was hired as a 911 Telecommunicator at the Flora Police Department at a rate of $14.91 per hour per the FOP contract.