At the end of this month I will have lived in Canton half a year! The home I ultimately purchased was the second home my realtor (Michaeline Harrison=awesome) showed me.

At the end of this month I will have lived in Canton half a year! The home I ultimately purchased was the second home my realtor (Michaeline Harrison=awesome) showed me.


The first one I looked at didn’t do anything for me. It was okay, but I knew the minute I walked in the door it wasn’t ‘the one’.


I was sitting at a Canton City Council meeting, the second one in March, scrolling through houses on various apps which I had subscribed.


I found a few I thought I might want to take a gander. 


I had a couple of steadfast musts.


The home had to be in Canton. 


No room for negotiation.


The home had to be one story. The less cleaning I had to do, the better.


I really wanted a home that was move-in ready. I’m not one to get excited about home improvements. 




No thanks.


Extensive remodeling?


That would be a gigantic NO on my part.


I wanted to be able to get the stuff moved in, unpacked (still working on some of that) and enjoy (am thoroughly enjoying).


I texted Michaeline regarding a house I found asking if I could take a look the following afternoon.


She quickly agreed.


Then, I found my house. It was in the perfect price range. It had everything I wanted/needed and I had a strong feeling it indeed was ‘the one’.


I apologized for changing lanes on her, but seriously, she is the sweetest person ever and agreed to meet me at the house that eventually became mine instead.


As soon as she led me through the garage into the kitchen I stopped and said, “This is it.”


She, being the fantastic realtor she is, suggested I look at the rest of the home.


I agreed, but I knew. I knew in my knower.


Loved every single nook and cranny.


The house is an added perk. I wanted to move here because I love the City of Canton.


I love the Canton Police Department. I love the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department.


Cop haters, take a seat and close thy mouths.


For real. Deb is entirely done with anyone being extra.


Take the negativity elsewhere.


With that said…


There are individuals I covered when editor of another publication who were not always easily accessible; i.e. elected officials, school officials, law enforcement, etc.; however, that is not the case in Fulton County. 


I needed to get in touch with Rep. Unes. I had contact information, but imagined I would get a voicemail and leave a message. 


I called the first number. After about three rings I heard, “This is Mike.”


Not gonna lie. I stuttered and stumbled for a few seconds, but thankfully regained my composure and was able to ask what needed to be asked.


Being able to reach him easily was a nice surprise. I’ve not had such luck in the past with other state or federally elected officials. Heck, that goes for county and local, too.


The same can be said for the Canton School District.


I needed to get in touch with the superintendent the other day. I called, never thinking in 100 years I’d actually get to speak with Superintendent Sivertsen. Generally, in my profession, I call, I get a secretary, they put me on hold and either offer to take a message or I get re-routed to a voicemail.


However, to my utter and total surprise, I was greeted by Superintendent Sivertsen’s voice (at first I thought it was his voicemail and it took me a hot second to realize it was indeed him).


I’ve spoken to him a few times prior, but one of Larry’s multiple forte’s is coverage of the schools in Fulton County so it’s not often the opportunity presents itself to me.


Let me just say I have worked with numerous superintendents over the last two dozen years and Superintendent Sivertsen is top-notch; easily one of my favorites.


Before any of the school district haters start, don’t even.


Nope. Nada. Just don’t. 


Not. In. The. Mood.


Not long ago, I wrote in this very space I’m not going to be a doormat any longer. I wasn’t kidding around.


I’m an outsider coming in. I have the benefit of being able to see things from a different perspective.


Sure, folks have the right to complain if they so choose, but let me share something.


My combined power and water bill in Canton is $212 cheaper this month than the last power/water bill I paid in Bushnell and that was when I was still packing and moving (yeah, took much longer than it should). NO ONE had been living there for more than 60 days.


When I moved in I paid a $342 deposit to the utility company (which is owned/operated by the city).


After removing my name from my power/water bill I thought I would receive my deposit back then and there. Nope. Apparently, I have another bill to pay despite the fact everything has been completely done and taken care of since October (the last bill I paid was $384) and surprise, surprise, that fee will be taken out of my deposit. Something is not jiving in this scenario, but that is another column.


It goes to show another reason why I love Canton over any other place I’ve lived. Living expenses are lower. Shopping for whatever is simple as can be. There’s a variety, too. Specialty shops are everywhere. If I need something I can get it here. I do put my money back in my community because I feel it is very important. Do I wish there was still a JC Penny and other stores that are gone?


Well, sure, but you know what?


I see the hard work Spoon River Partnership for Economic Development Executive Director Missy Towery puts in to her job. A good portion of what she does is behind the scenes and legally she cannot talk about it. Just because folks aren’t hearing about this, this or that potential business doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of action going on behind the scenes. When people moan and groan about the SRPED (why are they here, what do they do, they are worthless), it takes everything I have to hold back. There are few who work harder than Missy. And there are even fewer who care as much as Missy.


Ooh, that does sound biased. I know because it is.


I’ve known Missy a long, long time (since my days at WBYS and her days at the Fulton-Mason Crisis Service).


It’s always a good idea to educate oneself prior to ranting about something you don’t know much about.


That’s been my experience, anyway.


Even though Canton is a city there is still a strong sense of community; that small town feeling.


I sat at Canton High School Friday taking pics and videos of the Veterans Day Celebration. My father and Gramps were both in the Navy (and multiple other relatives served in the Armed Forces as well). I love and respect our Veterans. I admire them.


And, let’s not forget all of the activities that take place in Canton (HUGE thanks to all of the groups, organizations, individuals and others who make these things happen!). 


I mean, Santa is coming soon!


The Big Guy is going to be here in just a FEW weeks!


There are rarely times I use my press pass to my advantage, but you better believe I’m going to be at the front of the line to sit on Santa’s lap!


There’s a lot of negativity spreading around Canton, much like every other community across the nation, but honestly, there is so very much to be positive about in this fantastic, beautiful city!


Step away from your computer, phone or other digital device, go outside and check things out!


You just might find something really cool to do!