Cambridge, Galva, Geneseo and Orion papers will merge into one weekly publication — the Henry County Republic

The environment for news, newspapers and online media is ever-changing, and GateHouse Media Illinois is seeing some of these changes as well. We at GateHouse Media see the value in producing and providing local news to our communities. Our primary mission is to serve our communities and subscribers with coverage that matters to them.

As we endeavor to do this, we also have to consider the business environment in which local news media companies exist. We will continue to put out a weekly publication to our subscribers, and will continue to publish our local news and content on social media platforms.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will combine the local news of some of our area weekly news publications. The Cambridge Chronicle, Galva News, Geneseo Republic and Orion Gazette will be combined into one weekly publication called “Henry County Republic.” 

This publication will continue to have local news coverage from your communities and the surrounding towns. We pledge to continue to cover the news and local events in each of these communities.

While the look of the publication might be slightly different, the content in the publication will be the coverage of your local community. Our news staff is dedicated to providing local news, and doing it with the highest of integrity. This will not change.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to what the future holds with the Henry County Republic!