It is time again for our reunion! The Porter Reunion will be on Sunday, August 18 at 1 p.m. at Red Brush Christian FLC. Hope you are all planning to attend. Last year was a low attendance year but hopefully this year is better! No changes for this year…meat, potatoes, gravy, plates, napkins, silverware, glasses, and drinks will be furnished. We ask that you contribute your favorite dishes to share. The only way we can continue to furnish the above is through your generous donations. Please remember this when the basket comes your way.

Remember that we can not enter the building until 12:30 p.m. so we will need help getting tables and chairs set up, drinks made, and everything set up. If you are physically able, please be willing!

Due to on-going health issues this will be Carmen and Doug’s last year of planning the reunion. Please have someone in mind to take over. It is not hard and you get a lot of thanks along with a good meal.

Call Carmen at 618-665-4517 or 217-343-9535 with questions. We will plan to see you on the 18th for the reunion!