Geff, IL – Cory Musgrave, candidate for State Representative in the 109th District, is announcing his intention to refuse a legislative pension if elected to the Illinois House.

“I think it is important for elected officials to lead by example,” Musgrave said. “Illinois’ pensions are woefully underfunded. How can we even begin to fix the problem if the very people charged with fixing it are themselves part of the problem? How can I ask people to make sacrifices for the good of the state if I am not willing to make those sacrifices myself? I am publicly pledging to taxpayers that I will refuse the legislative pension if elected as State Representative.”

Illinois’s pension systems are underfunded by more than $250 billion. Illinois also has the worst credit rating in the nation. Musgrave said it is time to get serious about solving Illinois’ pension crisis, which is one reason he is calling for legislation to end legislative pensions for newly elected members of the Illinois General Assembly.

“The current General Assembly pension system is constantly abused,” Musgrave said. “Often times, individuals come to the Legislature with years of service in the public sector and sometimes these individuals are receiving a pension while also receiving a legislative salary at the same time that they are accruing pension benefits through the General Assembly Retirement System (GARS). This double dipping needs to stop. Illinois needs legislators who are running for office to serve – not to enhance their pensions. It is time to put an end to the lucrative legislative pension system once and for all.”

Musgrave currently serves as the President of Geff School District 14. He also is the President of the Fairfield Ministerial Alliance. He has recently worked with the Wayne County Opioid Coalition to help combat addiction in our community. He and his wife Jana have five children. Musgrave is running as a Republican. The Primary Election is March 17, 2020.