Flora Public Library is hosting a book signing by local author, Keith H. Graham, on Saturday, Nov. 9, from 10:00 am-12:00 pm. Keith’s book, “The Message on the Christmas Sled: Simple Messages from a Humble Man for His Neighbors During Simpler Times,” will be available in paperback for $18.00. Keith will be autographing copies of his book. The book will make a wonderful gift!

The following is the inscription from the back cover:

“Tommy Andrew Grant, alias "The Message Man," is a topnotch woodworker. His techniques in creating signs and other wooden products are collectively called "The Tommy Touch." Most people in and around Snowdrift Acres, Snowy County, USA, realize that The Tommy Touch is much more than measuring, carving, woodburning, and painting. It is touching lives for Jesus Christ and bringing out the good and best in them. No one comes to realize and appreciate the beauty and significance of this touch more than Terry Lee, the woodworker's only son. Frustrated at his inability to discover and develop his hidden talent, he listens to his father's wise advice, which is recorded on the boards of a special Christmas sled. The story revolves around the lives of five friends: the twins, Terry Lee and Rebecca Lynn Grant, Monica Sue Morton, Ginger Ann Brown, and Johnny Ray Shaw. Held together by a common love, they live and share an energetic, unstoppable, Christian faith based on God's enduring truths. Except for one big step into the past, the story takes place from March 20, 1957 (the first day of spring), until December 25, 1968.”

Keith has also had poems and stories published in five Christmas issues and one Easter issue of Ideals Magazine. They are:

• Christmas 2012 - poems “Peaceful, Peaceful Christmas Day” & “Christmas Morning;”

• Christmas 2013 - poem, “Snowflakes Fall Softly.”

• Christmas 2014 - poem, “Memories in Fresh-Fallen Snow,” and story, “Christmas Lights and the Light,”.

• Christmas 2016 - story, “Opening Night.”

• Christmas 2017 - poem, “Sing, Sing, Sing”

• Easter 2017 - poem, “Easter Songs.”

Keith and his wife, Roxy, live in Flora, Illinois. They are parents of one son and two daughters; grandparents of one boy and four girls. He graduated from Lincoln Christian College (1970) and Seminary (1982). Preaching Gospel sermons and teaching children to follow Jesus Christ have given Keith much joy.

“The Message on the Christmas Sled” is Keith’s first book. It is also available on amazon.com. For more information, contact the library at (618) 662-6553 or florapl@florapubliclibrary.org.