LOUISVILLE…State Rep. Darren Bailey (R-Xenia), sponsored House Resolution 507 to honor and recognize the one hundredth year of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. President and CEO Todd Maisch accepted the resolution on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce at a presentation in the Illinois House Chamber.

“I am proud to sponsor this resolution to recognize one hundred years of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce,” commented Rep. Bailey." We are all grateful that for 100 years the Illinois Chamber of Commerce has been fighting for the very jobs and economic growth that support our families and help our communities thrive and I am proud to fight alongside them for a better Illinois.”

In June of 1919 twenty-four industry leaders from around the state gathered together in Quincy to figure out how to best promote and protect the business climate in Illinois. As a result, on August 2, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce was officially chartered by the Secretary of State, uniting the voices of Illinois business.

The Chamber was active from the start as the major force behind the formation of the Illinois State Police and the State Planning Commission. They drafted a resolution to President Roosevelt urging him to, 'make available to the Allies the untold resources of our nation', a year-and-a-half before Pearl Harbor, and the Chamber led the effort to establish a State Board of Education in the 1960s, and formed the first business political action committee in Illinois in the 1970s.

The Chamber pushed for sales tax reform in the 1980s, selected their first female president and garnered

support for NAFTA in the 1990s, and led the fight against the 50 percent income tax increase and new service tax in the early 2000s. Over the last decade, they have focused on lowering property taxes, improving workforce opportunities, and promoting pro-business reforms throughout the state.

“A lot has changed in a century, but our core principals and commitment to our members remain steadfast, said Todd Maisch, President of the Chamber since 2014. “We are encouraged by all those who fought for business policies that work before us, and I'd like to think future presidents will write about 2019 as the year the Chamber fought and won against the progressive income tax, ensured the market would determine wages and worked with legislators to make Illinois a better, more business-friendly state,” added Maisch.