Social gatherings that used to resemble families at parks to comererate children’s birthdays, have now come to a standstill as we have known to traditionally celebrate them. As we know some families on a given day are large enough to be over the ten suggested limit. If the entire family tribe would come with the cousins added in, it would surpass it and then some for sure! Birthday’s, graduations are now either being postponed, or having to be in non-traditional ways that have never been done before. Getting creative to still make those we love not feel left out on special days takes a bit more engenuity and planning during this COVID-19 chapter in history. Such was the case for a Clay County, Illinois family who wanted to surprise their 13 year old son, Jase Moore. Family and friends surprised him with a drive by caravan complete with well wishes, that even included balloons, posters and honking horns. As he was sitting on his front porch with his grandmother, Tina Allen, who was taking this memory in, she watched as this transpired. What makes this story even more beautiful is that this young man will ever cherish this hallmark memory. Knowing his grandmother lovingly cared to do this, as she is herself fighting cancer all the while. As his parents were able to see Jace’s complete surprise and joy, it is one they will remember for a lifetime. Living proof, that in spite of the unsure times we are now living in, the family bonds we share are stronger than ever.