Several Clay County businesses were contacted to see what their feelings were concerning the current pandemic. They were also asked how it was affecting their business and if they thought they were going to be able to survive.

Spoke with Angie from Angela's Village Florist of Clay City. Angie stated that she was not sure what to think about the current pandemic other that is was scary. As far as her shop, the store is closed but if someone needs something she is most happy to provide "no contact" curb and delivery service. Due to the slow down she had to lay off 4 employees and is running the business all by herself with the exception of her daughter helping with deliveries once in a while.

When asked about survival, Angie stated "God willing and the creek don't rise". Angie will survive but it may be like starting all over.

Give Angela's Village Florist shop some assistance. Call in some orders to have delivered to your friends, young and elderly alike. Everyone needs to know they are still being thought about.

Next we were able to make contact with Daniel from Dan's Electro Electrics, also from Clay City.

Daniel stated that the pandemic was sure a game changer for home life and business.

The pandemic has slowed his business down and he has noticed that it has really made some people paranoid.

Daniel stated, "We will survive!"

We were able to speak with Troy from Act Tire and Auto located in Flora.

He said business is good but not normal since the pandemic started but we will definitely survive.

Lastly we were able to make contact with Ryan from Flora's Farmers Market.

When asked about his thoughts concerning the pandemic, Ryan stated that as far as he could tell his customers were following all the currant guide lines.

Their business is doing well but there are some items of merchandise that they are not able to get in at this time.

In reference to survival, Ryan stated "Absolutely!  We have the BEST customers in the world!"

As you can see, folks that live in this area are survivors!  Let's do our best to make sure they are able to continue to provide their products/services.