If you were to zoom-in on the human body, you would discover a war zone. You would see your very own cells fighting off various bacteria and viruses.

If you zoom-out on the human body, you would see a dynamic machine, powered by the Creator’s technology: high functioning intelligence within each cell, communicating with trillions of other cells, faster than the speed of light.

Medical News Today reported that healthy humans harbor an average of five viruses. Inside these healthy bodies, we would find the warzone of healthy cells successfully fighting to contain the viruses. No doubt about it – human bodies were designed for survival.

Some people struggle to fight off contaminants within their bodies. This struggle is often the result of one or more poor functioning biological systems. Understanding what these biological systems need to function optimally is critical in supporting the ability of the natural human design to do what it was designed to do: survive.

Many times we zoom-in on the symptom of a problem and try to eradicate the symptom. This approach is superficial. We need to understand what caused the symptom, and we need to support the systems which were designed to prevent those symptoms from arising.

Symptoms are not something to kill. They are signs and guides, informing us that an organ, biological, or psychological system is being imbalanced in response to some root cause.

If you zoom-in on the global pandemic, you will see a war zone. You will see people divided against one another, exaggerating POTUS’s words, judging each other for their varying perspectives, and accusing folks who wish to open the economy of being selfish, capitalistic monsters who do not value human life. It is really quite a saddening circus.

If we zoom-out on the global pandemic, we will see an exposure of economic imbalance which has played a role in this world for far too long.

We will see the general public questioning authority to unprecedented degrees.

We will see the censorship of information on supposed democratized platforms.

We will see the contamination of COVID at CDC due to “poor hygiene practices.”

We are seeing mainstream media outlets being called out for airing false footage on television.

Alas, the saddening circus is being exposed, and we are seeing the root causes of the failed systems in our nation and throughout the world.

The root cause of failed systems is this: self-centeredness.

We can sit around all day and preach and judge what we see in the world. Or we can cultivate within our hearts exactly what we wish to see in the world. I know that many of the down-to-earth beautiful rural Illinois folk reading this piece are already doing that.

Here is a Feel Better Now exercise to help us do that in a new way:

1.Sit alone or with your family

2.Close your eyes and focus on your breath

3.Begin to notice a particular function of your body that seems to be working well in this moment. Maybe that is your breath, maybe it is your physical structure stabilizing you as you sit or stand, or maybe it is your sense of smell.

4.Notice more deeply how well that function is performing – without you even having to think about it.

5.Cultivate a sense of gratitude for the intelligence of your body for performing this innate function.

6.Cultivate a sense of wonder for the intricate, high functioning intelligence within your trillions of cells which communicate with each other faster than the speed of light.

7.Imagine a world in which more people are connected with this sense of gratitude and wonder for their natural human design

8.Imagine a world in which the imbalances of the planet are being neutralized, and the antidotes to our sicknesses are being revealed to us more each day

9.Imagine a world in which every single person just wants every single person to be blessed with grace and health.

10.Imagine a world full of so much grace, until you can feel this grace deep inside of your heart. Imagine it until you can feel your cells calm yet excited, full of faith and trust.