Governor Pritzker gave the decree that all who are going into any given store are to wear a mask. If not able to be in the social distancing proclamation of six foot distancing are to do so as well, that leaves all that have procrastinated to find some type of covering to be able to venture out for supplies. In a survey on a surrounding county basis, what had been given to be accurate of what was available for supplies was found to be now nearly gone or now has been vanquished. Those throughout the state are in the quest of finding their covering of some kind.

Laura- Gavin Williams in Olney, Illinois saw the need in Richland County, Illinois was asked originally to make a few masks, from that she rallied to have others join to make over approximately 9,000 masks. These individuals took their time, talents, supplies to sacrifice for those they did not even know for a cause that they did not know either. She can be contacted to see any type of availability at this time, but it is on a limited basis at this time presently.

A survey showed this account, CVS was said to be selling masks when the phone call was not at this time. The IGA in Olney only had a very few left at the time of this survey, Hahn's carpet in Olney was taking orders and would be in within a short period of time however. Thrifty Medical was taking orders, but were already spoken for. The Richland County Health Department was notified, they did say they had a very few left remaining and was made aware of the status of the situation.

Jasper County Health Department had a few remaining, but was suggested to call the Chamber of Commerce to order masks. Clay County left a message for information at the time of this article being orchestrated as well as the Carmi Health Department, for our readers in those areas, suggested contacting them for information on how to locate masks for distribution. It is for all concerned, if needed to contact their local IDPH, hospital or city officials if need of acquiring a mask.

There is still the availability to use a bandanna, or a sock pattern as such, that require NO SEWING, that can be located on line or if able to sew there is a montage of patterns to do as such. As we are all venturing out in this new territory we have all found ourselves in the great state of Illinois, KEEP in mind the carry and conceal laws that are found with masks and gun carrying laws that are being circulated as well.

The rest remains to be seen for duration, but in the meantime, the creativity factor will remain to be seen by those who make this the mask of the century for all of us in Lincoln state.