Clay County Community:

Needless to say that Covid-19 has intruded into our lives without invitation. To date, our community has not seen a surge of Covid-19 patients. Most residents have been vigilant in following the stay-at-home order, wearing masks, washing their hands, and maintaining social distancing. Clay County is a great example of how to protect ourselves and keep this disease from creating havoc. We all expected that we would face a surge in Covid-19 patients. This has not occurred. I have shared with our staff Covid-19 is not going away and it is our responsibility to find ways to operate in this environment for the foreseeable future. I refer to this as the “new normal”.

Of most importance is the safety of our patients and staff. If this is the new normal, our providers and staff must find new safer ways of caring for you. Over the last several weeks we have changed our operations to prepare for the surge. Our total focus has been on Covid-19. Now that we realize we will be operating in this new normal, we must continue to plan for Covid-19 patients and refocus on providing safe, traditional care and services. Providing traditional care and services means doing so in safe spaces.

Effective May 11th we will reorganize and change processes to provide you with the safest spaces possible. Keeping social distancing in mind, we are going to separate all potential Covid-19 patients from our other services areas. Our Medical Clinic’s will pre-register all patients over the phone. All potential Covid-19 patients will be directed to use our curbside evaluation and screening at our Flora Clinic. This service will allow evaluation and screening without the patient leaving their vehicle. This will significantly reduce the possibility of spreading the disease or contaminating the surfaces in the clinics. To further protect our patients, we will compartmentalize patient space within the Flora Clinic. Separate entrances will be used for pediatrics, primary care, physical therapy, and our specialty clinics. These same actions will be taken within the hospital. Separate entrances will be used for Lab, Radiology, and Cardiac Rehab. All patients will be required to wear a mask and have their temperatures taken prior to entering one of our facilities.

Covid-19 will be with us until a vaccine is developed. Clay County Hospital must find safe ways to provide healthcare services for our residents. Your trust in us will allow us to continue to provide healthcare services. I am not sure healthcare will ever go back to how it was prior to Covid-19, this may very well be the new normal. Our job is provide you with a safe environment so we can continue to provide healthcare services well into the future.

We greatly appreciate you using the services at Clay County Hospital and our Medical Clinics.

Kind regards,

Bob Sellers