A young girl, 19 years of age saw a peaceful solo demonstration following the recent tragic event that occurred in Minnesota, which inspired her to make it her quest to embark on one such as it. Hailing from a rural community in Clay county, Illinois she set forth to stand alone on a street corner in Flora, on June 3rd. As she solemnly stood alone, with just her determined spirit at 8:30 in the morning she did not waiver. As the townspeople drove past, interest grew with posts on social media and at approximately 10:00 her first supporter came to join her cause. Slowly others joined and by mid- afternoon a small group of approximately 40 plus joined her in a very peaceful demonstration. Upon speaking with this young lady, she shared her idealism for keeping it a peaceful gathering. She also stated, "it only takes one," for a change to begin. While observing, this writer was also able to speak with a Flora Officer who also confirmed it had been a peaceful atmosphere, with the group offering him water even. The officer also shared he had seen a local preacher visit and offered prayer. A few were observing and shared" we are a small town, we believe in people sharing their voices and we take care of one another here.It will be peaceful protest , because that’s how we do things. " A few random comments were heard that were of opposition from those driving past while observing, but no concerns whatsoever were given of any civil disobedience.