Mt. Carmel, Ill.— Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Wabash Valley College’s summer enrollment numbers are up nearly 20 percent! As the summer semester reaches the halfway mark, WVC anticipates this upward trend in enrollment to continue into the fall semester.

Assistant Dean of Student Services Steve Patberg reported the increased enrollment was most notable in the math, science and communications classes.

“Wabash Valley College had a significant increase of students picking up courses online this summer,” said Patberg. “This is a testament to our quality online instruction along with the affordability that a community college provides.”

While traditional face-to-face numbers are down substantially, online class registration has nearly doubled. In 2019, there were 193 students enrolled in online classes during the summer semester; in 2020, that number jumped to 375.

WVC also saw an increase in hybrid class (a style of class that blends online and face-to-face learning modalities) numbers. In 2019, only 20 students were enrolled in hybrid classes for the summer semester; however, in 2020, 74 students have enrolled in hybrid classes— that’s a 370 percent increase in student engagement in WVC’s hybrid classes!

“As the coronavirus pandemic creates uncertainties impacting college enrollment, Wabash Valley College has seen an enrollment increase for the upcoming summer semester,” said WVC Dean of Instruction Robert Conn. “We anticipated an increase attributable to students and parents recognizing the superior quality and value of the educational services provided by Wabash Valley College.”

With larger institutions charging students as much for online classes as they would for face-to-face instruction, many students are enrolling at community colleges, like WVC, because their tuition rates are significantly lower. However, Conn noted that these students aren’t just experiencing the economic benefits of attending WVC, they’re also experiencing the academic benefits as well. WVC students enjoy smaller class sizes, which means that professors are able to give each student more individualized instruction.

“The commitment of the faculty and staff at WVC is well known in our community and students know they can do as well at a community college as they would taking university courses online. Excellence is an important factor at WVC, which is evident as the college has again been named one of the top 150 community colleges in the nation. It is an honor to work with a faculty and staff group nationally recognized for excellence.”

No matter what format classes are taught in, every member of WVC’s faculty and staff is committed to carrying out the college’s mission to deliver exceptional education and services to improve the lives of its students and to strengthen its communities.

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