On one hand, I am a United States citizen with freedom of speech. This nation also once prided itself on freedom of the press. However, amid this global crisis, I am watching as fellow members of the press are being censored by governments and supposed democratized media platforms.

I do not know how much time I have left with you to speak freely. But because I love you and care so deeply about our rights as human beings, I am going to use every word I have left to assist in the best way I can.

On one hand, we have something called COVID-19. On the other hand, we have very little information about what the tests (which have been reported as fake and then later flawed since the very beginning of testing and as late as March 30) are actually measuring. I have been in communication with doctors about this and here’s what they had to say:

“There is so much conflicting information out there that even I am having trouble clearly understanding the situation.”

“Because this has been designated an emergency, many diagnoses are assumptions based on symptoms rather than actual testing.”

“None of the testing is measuring viral load because that is a more sophisticated test and in an emergency situation you have to make assumptions to keep people safe.”

I believe 100% that the health care workers out there are doing their absolute best to keep people safe. However, assumptions are still not hard data.

Assumptions may help keep some folks healthy and safe, and we are beyond grateful for that. But when these assumptions are then factored as hard data, they drastically skew numbers, distorting our perception of reality, and inciting mass hysteria – and this is flat out harmful.

We cannot use an assumption to honestly and accurately determine if someone died from COVID-19, or from something else (especially considering that many cases are co-infections with other complex or chronic illness). The doctors I have consulted have agreed that we cannot honestly count those diagnosed based on symptoms as COVID-19 cases because we simply do not know for certain without precise testing. Yet these assumptions have been factored into the number of cases and deaths being reported by the media each day.

We can use assumptions to act quickly to help people. This is an appropriate and necessary use of assumption.

But we cannot count assumptions as hard data because that is actually dishonest, untrue, and uncertain.

Many doctors also agree that the testing itself is imprecise.

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With the censorship currently taking place throughout the world, it is never more important that you go the extra mile to investigate on your own. Please do not take someone else’s word as gold. Please consider it and then put in your own research so you may have the empowerment of knowing. Please do not stop at learning generalities. Go deeper. Get specific. Ask detailed questions, and do not stop until you find the answers.

I am doing my best to bring information to you, but it is far more empowering if you also investigate on your own.

In my investigations, I have found an enormous amount of censorship of information. So much that I do not even want to talk about that here or on Facebook because I do not want to risk the chance of these platforms being yanked and all my communication with you being terminated.

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What I will leave you with is this:

In just a few weeks we have lost liberty and livelihood based on information which is imprecise and unverified.

The perception of danger has brought about the worst possible outcome for many who are now unable to get proper nutrition and stay healthy. Many do not know where they will live. All because imprecise and conflicting information was presented over and over and over again.

May we follow our hearts to do what feels right for our well-being and the well-being of our communities.

May we check on people to make sure no one’s basic needs go unmet if we can help it.

May we dig deeper for precise information to empower ourselves with a more holistic view of our situation.

May we remain tolerant of people who handle situations differently than we do.

May we clearly discern which information is rooted in love, and which information is rooted in agenda.

I love you all.

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